Thank our supporting Senators

The Arizona Nurses Association has set up their email system to send a thank you to the 5 Committee Members that supported the application.  It takes 5 minutes, and you can add a personal note.  Please show your support and appreciation by sending them a note today.  We have a long battle ahead; them knowing that we support them will go a long way!  Go HERE.

You can also tweet them at: @ @ @ @ & Sen. Bradley (email, doesn’t have Twitter)


Ballew Tony

ballewTonyTony Ballew, FNP passed away July 17, 2005 at the age of 53.  The Nurse Practitioner community in Arizona has had a great loss with the passing of Tony Ballew, FNP.  Tony was a past president of the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council and was instrumental in helping advance the scope of practice for NPs in Arizona.  He also ran his own practice, the East Valley Vaccination and Examination Clinic for many years as a solo NP practitioner.  He was a pioneer for all of us, and will be greatly missed.   More information here.


Zalut Wendy


Wendy Zalut, FNP, 59 of Flagstaff passed away December 6, 2015

Wendy graduated Valedictorian of Washington High School in Phoenix, and received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Arizona State University 1979, later earning her Masters of Science with distinction in nursing at Northern Arizona University 2006

During her career as a Nurse she cared for others as a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse, and Nurse Practitioner. Finally she achieved her dream of practicing health care in a manner that delivered the most love and caring to her patients as owner of Mountain Healing here in Flagstaff.

Wendy had love of the Spanish and Portuguese languages. She enjoyed knitting, reading spiritual literature, She had an interest in meteorology and a deep interest in spiritual growth. More information here.



Collazo-Walker Evelyn

Walker-Evelyn-239x300Evelyn Collazo-Walker, FNP, WHNP, 64, of Avondale died May 20, 2015, in Las Vegas. She attended State University at Stony Brook in New York and graduated in 1974 as a registered nurse. In 1998, she completed a master’s degree in nursing and received her nurse practitioner certificate.

She was in a plane crash  and died with her husband who was the pilot of the small plane.  She was an FNP and a WHNP. She worked in a clinic owned by Abrazo providing prenatal care to undocumented immigrants who then delivered at Maryvale Hospital. She was bilingual speaking both English and Spanish, Puerto Rican and active in the Hispanic Nurses Association. Patient’s loved her.  She owned property in Puerto Rico and traveled there often. More information at this link.


Fitzpatrick Shelly Ann


Shelly Ann Fitzpatrick, FNP tragically passed away December 3, 2015 at the age of 55, from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. She was a dedicated Nurse Practitioner who started in the medical field over 25 years ago.  She devoted her life to helping save countless lives and improve the community.  She found great joy in the operating room and in the office caring for her patients. She was full of life, loved chatting with the OR crew over coffee, and always came prepared with a good joke or story. She loved her profession and her coworkers; her second family.

She loved throwing the annual Fitzpatrick Halloween party, always had the brightest flocked Christmas tree, loved family vacations, summer BBQ’s, pool parties, and a having house full of family and friends.  She left us too soon, but we will never forget the lessons she taught us or the lives she changed.  She was one-of-a-kind, will be missed by many, and her presence will forever be felt by those that knew her.   For further information can be found here.


Singer Barbara

singerclinicalBarbara J. Singer, PNP, 64, passed away on July 2nd, 2014. Barbara spent her entire professional career caring for others as a nurse and then a pediatric nurse practitioner at the Crisis Nursery. Her influence on the health and well being of children in this community is immeasurable. Excerpt from Arizona Republic published on July 9, 2014, picture from Channel 15 news story. – See more at: obituaries page.


Sunrise Application Passes!

By a vote of five to four, the APRN Coalition sunrise application has passed!  While this is great news for APRNs in Arizona, our work is not near done.  Now is the process of introducing legislation that is palatable to our legislators, and at the same time consistent with the goals of the APRN Consensus Model and IOM Report on Medicine.

Many thanks to the APRNs who came down to the Capitol in support, and to those that spoke on our behalf to support this application.

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Time Running Out! Help us please!

Hi Everyone,

You are now able to show your support by logging into the Arizona Legislative System and showing your support for the Sunrise Hearing on Monday December 7th.

As of 3pm today there are currently 271 people who have shown their support for the measure, and 11 that have come out against (several physicians and Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association).

You don’t need to be there to show your support.  If you haven’t already, establish an account and request to speak (you can choose to support but not speak).  You can do this now and it will be announced for the record at the hearing.

Instructions on how to do this can be found at

It takes an internet connection and five minutes.  The website is phone friendly.

AND YOU CAN BE ANYONE WITH A VALID EMAIL.  Encourage friends and family!



Hi Everyone,

Arizona APRNs have submitted a Sunrise Application to introduce legislation to implement the APRN Consensus Model, and to make changes to allow APRNs to practice consistently with that model. On December 7 we will be appearing before the committee of reference to request approval of the Sunrise Application. We need your support for this to be successful. We are asking that whomever you are, you send a letter of support for this application. Approval of the application will allow us to increase access and delivery of affordable care to all Arizona citizens, particularly to CRNA, CNS, CNM services!

Patients, physicians, hospitals, professional organizations, families, friends, colleagues, PLEASE GO ON RECORD to support of our legislation. After completing your contact information, this letter will be emailed directly to the members of the committee of reference including a standard letter plus an opportunity for you to comment.

Thank you for your support!
Erich Widemark, PhD, RN, FNP-BC
CAZNAP Moderator