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2EC549AE-9795-48F0-B497-2DE15A1D11B8The APRN leaders of Arizona are in the process of rewriting parts of the bill to better clarify concerns of our legislators. Here is a press release describing details of SB 1473!

On FEBRUARY 10th at 2PM one hundred plus people flooded the hearing room to promote their profession and defend patients’ rights to have access to affordable high quality health care.  After some intense discussion regarding the bill, it was clear that we would not have enough votes to make it out of committee.  The vote was held, but testimony was allowed for both sides.  We now have an opportunity to make additional changes to the bill to satisfy legislators.  You can view the hearing at  Stayed tuned as we move forward for Arizona healthcare.

On January 19 was Lobby Day.  This wasa special day specific to support Advanced Practice.  Hundreds of APRNs showed up to meet with legislators and discuss how important modernizing legislation for APRNs really is.  Many thanks to all those who attended.

On December 7, 2015 at 2:30pm after 5 1/2 hours of testimony, our Sunrise Application to allow us the ability to introduce legislation passed by a vote of 5 for to 4 against.  Thank you to those who helped both in the background, and to those who stood in front of a somewhat hostile board and Medical Association representatives standing up for the quality of Advanced Practice care and outcomes.


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