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nursescare4azSummary Update
SB 1473 and HB 2236

The Advanced Practice Nurses of Arizona submitted a Sunrise Application to move Arizona towards the APRN consensus model.  After this was approved by a vote of 5 to 4, SB 1473 was introduced in the Senate.  When it was apparent that this was not going to get enough votes to pass out of the Senate Health Committee, a strike-all HB 2236 was introduced.  This bill changed some of the language by which Nurse Practitioners collaborate.  Unfortunately no one could come to a consensus on the language change that would satisfy legislators, physician professional organizations, and nursing professional organizations.  HB 2236 was withdrawn and nothing else will be moving forward for this legislative period.  Many thanks to all the Advanced Practice Nurses, Physicians, Patients, and other colleagues that supported our move towards a national model that would allow for compact state licensure at the APRN level.  Stay current and active with the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council and the Arizona Nurses Association for future plans.


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